My intentions with this project were to re-invent my identity and take my look in a more updated path. Although the initial design is the same that I have been using for almost 2 years now, I decided to clean it up and give it a fresh new feel.
In addition to a new logo, I felt the need to push my love for type into this and give my identity a new name to work with. Essentially this new look for both the logo and the type will be implemented into my online portfolio.
Links will be added once the site is online.
The business cards have been designed to fit into a sleeve, which when removed shows my contact information.printed on the inside of the sleeve behind the logo on the business card is the blue version of my logo printed on white. Because of size constraints the details on the actual business card is quite small, and so to rectify this, I have reprinted my details on the back of the sleeve also.
Want some free wallpapers for your laptop, tablet or smart phone? Click here to download them: (1012kb)

If you have enjoyed this project, an appreciation would be greatly cherished and If you have any comments or questions, please feel welcome to leave any in the comments section below, I will respond to as much as possible if not all :)
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