Pixelflash - Logo and Branding Design
Client: Deshko Gynes
Estimated Time: 3 weeks
All work Copyright Jamie Dean, DGDigital and Pixelflash, Inc 2013
Pixelflash is a company that aims to provide memory storage products and is aimed primarily at photographers and people wtihin creative media areas. Originally the brief asked for a fresh re-imagining of their old logo, which is aimed at young, creative individuals. Concepts to work with initially were drawn from some of my previous work for various musicians, so this was a great starting point.
Although presented, the intial ideas did not go very well and I felt inclined to take a different approach to this. Deciding to work with the concept of pixels as a basis, I constructed this new design.
At this point the company had opted for a sharper design so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this, which then became the final design.
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